Cheat's Shepherd's Pie

This is our quick and easy version of a Shepherd’s Pie that defrosts really well, so it’s a great meal to add to your Sunday meal prep rotation. Take a break from the Body Builder staples of chicken, vegetables and brown rice with our twist on a hearty homestyle classic. High in both carbs and protein to give you the energy you need to push yourself during your workouts and help those muscles grow post workout.  Bonus calories are also burned while mashing the potato, winning!

Makes 6 serves
Calories per serve: 421
Protein: 40.1gms
Carbs: 45.3gms
Fats: 9.3gms


1kg Extra Lean Beef Mince
125 ml Worcestershire Sauce
125ml Beef Stock
1 tsp Olive Oil (or whatever cooking oil you prefer)
1 cup frozen Peas
2 tsps Minced Garlic
1 medium Carrot
1 Brown onion
1 kg Sweet Potato



  1. Peel and chop the Sweet Potatoes. It’s better to get the hard work out the way first. I know what you’re thinking 1kg of Sweet Potato is a lot but once you mash it, it shrinks so much.
  2. Dice the Onion. 
  3. Heat cooking oil in a large pan and then add the Onion and Beef. 
  4. Pour water into a large pot and once it starts to boil, add in the sweet potatoes. 
  5. Peel and grate the carrot.
  6. Once the Beef no longer has any pink bits, add the Garlic, Beef Stock, Carrot and Peas. Turn down the heat and let it simmer.
  7. After around 15 minutes since you started cooking the Potatoes, poke a knife into one of them to see if they are cooked. Keep checking them as needed. 
  8. Once the Potatoes are tender, drain and mash them. 
  9. You can serve this up however you like. If you’ve got the time, feel free to add it into a lasagna tray with the potato on top to try to get that crispy traditional Shepherd’s pie look. We’ve gone with a quick version with less cleaning up but go for Gold if you’re keen!

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