How to maintain muscle mass without weights

This is a commonly asked question and one that is incredibly relevant while we navigate our way through Covid-19 and the lockdown we as Melbournians are currently facing. While gyms are closed, the vast majority of us have been left to get creative with our training, whether that be with the assistance of free weights or bodyweight.

The good news is that we can in fact maintain muscle mass with simple, yet effective body weighted movements, such as push ups, dips, squats, lunges, core work (plank holds), etc. The beauty of these movements is that they’re also classified as functional, meaning they assist us with day to day tasks and work towards preventing injury and aches/pains. Correct form and technique is vital when performing all movements, so the beauty of doing them with our own body weight, is that it allows us to perfect such movements, prior to progressing them.

Since lockdown commenced, we are regularly hearing that the general public are experiencing ongoing pain and discomfort through their hips, back and neck/shoulders, with the two main causes being a change to workstation set up and a significant reduction in movement. As we all know, regular exercise is critical, as our bodies are not designed to remain stationary for large periods. Therefore, we are strongly recommending that whether your goal is to maintain muscle mass/strength and/or to remain pain free, you need to keep moving – body weighted exercises, daily stretching and foam rolling (trigger point treatment) and walks / runs will be your best friend – not only for your physical health, but also your mental.

Stay safe, healthy and be kind to yourselves.


Adam Legg: Certificate III Fitness Instructing, Certificate IV Personal Training and Diploma of Sport & Recreation

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