5 Tips to Improve Your Tennis Serve

Lift your tennis game with these 5 tips from a professional Tennis Coach with 35 years experience. You'll be serving aces in no time!

1. Racquet speed. Keep the speed of your swing the same speed throughout the entire swing. Slowing down slightly either just before or after contact with the ball is one of the main reasons for a serve going a fraction too long.

2. Ball toss. It is very common to drag the ball back across your body when you release it. Make sure you use your thumb to push the ball to your right as you are releasing the ball (to the left if you are left handed). Your other fingers naturally bring the ball back to your left-hand side as it comes back down from the ball toss. Remember the thumb is the boss and needs to take charge. This means that you won’t be too close to the ball when you swing and you will have more time to get your swing right. This also opens up more options for where you aim your serve and for using slice.

3. Reach up for success. You need to go up and get that serve. From the highest point of your ball toss, aim to not let it drop more than 5cms. Use your legs to spring up and get the ball before it drops. If you find your serve is hitting the net. It is likely because you are letting it drop too much before you hit it.

4. Body Weight. Tennis is all about timing. You want to hit the ball as you are going forward. When you are the server, you are attacking. Take note of where you finish up after you serve. Are you inside the baseline or behind it? You should be stepping in behind your serve and getting ready to close in on a weak return. There is nothing more frustrating than when you do a great serve and your opponent dribbles it over the net and you don’t get there in time. If you want to be a good server, you need to give yourself every chance and get your body weight behind you for extra power.

5. Take Aim. Think about where you want the ball to go. Try not to just swing as hard as you can and hope for the best. If your opponent is right handed, it is likely that their back hand is their weakness. If you are serving on the deuce side, you should be aiming down the middle of the court and if you are serving on the advantage side, you should be aiming out wide. A hard ball to their forehand is exactly what most players want. Don’t play into their hands. You will find that a softer more thought out serve to a player’s backhand will result in more errors and weaker returns. Play the percentages and you’ll find your service game becomes significantly easier.



Keith Turner: Tennis Australia Professional Coach

Keith Turner has played on the Tennis satellite circuit and has been a Tennis Coach for 35 years. He is currently coaching in Whittlesea and at Yea, Alexandra and Avenel Tennis Clubs.

If you're interested in coaching you can contact Keith directly at turnerstennistraining@hotmail.com


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