20 Songs to Pump Up your Workout Playlist Vol. 2

Tough times call for some new tunes, so we’re back with volume 2 to help get you through. We know a lot of you are in lockdown at the moment, so we have made sure we have included plenty of songs that you can dance to in between sets while no one is watching. 

1. Never Let Me Down (James Hype Remix) - Vize, Tom Gregory and James Hype

This is a great hype song to play at the start of your work out to really get in the head space to have a killer workout. The higher ground is yours for the taking. Put in the work, lead the pack and lift up those around you.

2. Along Came Polly - Rebuke

Close your eyes. You can almost picture a big warehouse gym with intense music playing and everyone hyped up going after it on a Saturday afternoon. Gyms may be closed but playing this song at home is the closest thing and will help pump you up for a home workout.

3. F For You - Disclosure and Mary J. Blige

Possibly one of the best gym songs going around. There’s just something about it. Maybe it’s the grungy vibes mixed with the smooth vocals and the element of self-actualisation. Whatever it is, it works. We won’t be fools anymore, we’re going to chase our goals and show what we’re capable of.

4. Love Bizarre -Wildfire, Amber Ferrao, Murph and Petch

A fun cardio track. Enjoy the cheeky energy of this tune and your cardio will be done and dusted before you know it.

5.Worship - Golden Features

Working out is kind of like a religion. Hear us out. It gets us through the tough times and challenges us to be better. It’s also like a form of meditation for most of us. Had a bad day? Distract yourself with a workout and do something for yourself. It will help you clear your head and pumping up those endorphins should improve your mood.

6. Pretty Baby - Wise D & Kobe

A playful song that you will find smiling to yourself and humming along to while you work out.

7. The Buzz - Hermitude

This song is great for when you want to hype yourself up or when you feel the pre workout kick in. You do you. 

8. Believer - Imagine Dragons

We get it. You’re fired up and tired of the way that things have been. Pain breaks you down and builds you up. Get fired up for your workout and make yourself a believer in what your body is capable of.

9.Voicemail - Green Velvet and Patrick Topping

Have a cheeky boogie in between sets and think about the days when we can once again get up to antics with our mates heading out for a night on the town. 

10. Get Up On My Level - Mike Zombie and Aja Elan

Tough times call for tough people. It’s time to level up and do your best to thrive in whatever conditions are thrown your way.

11. I Follow Rivers (The Magician remix) - Lykke Li and The Magician

This is a song that just puts everyone in a better mood. It’s one of those timeless songs that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can enjoy it and bop along.

12. Feeling Gud - Nightmare, Slander and Matthew Santos

This new take on the Bublé track we all know with its dark undertones and hard hitting second drop is electric. It’s a new dawn and despite everything that’s going on in your life, you’re feeling good and you’re confident you’ve got what it takes.

13. Running Up That Hill - Placebo

This track is one of the best running tracks of all time and will inspire you to dig deep during that hill climb. It’s perfect for the days you’re feeling a bit darker and want something that suits your mood. We all know people who are hurting at the moment and if we could make a pact with the devil to help them, hey we might be tempted. A lot of us have become runners during lockdown as it’s one of the things we can do that is within our control. It’s hard to increase the intensity of home workouts with the few dumbbells we have and we are all doing our best with pauses and slower eccentric movements etc. So if you haven’t started running yet, give it a shot and set yourself some goals to chase that aren’t impacted by gym closures.

14. Let’s Rock (Sunshine Remix) - Jared Marston

Let’s rock and roll. It’s time to shake off whatever is challenging you and get it done with a funky disco beat helping you sweat it out.

15. All the way Up - Fat Joe, Remy Ma and French Montana

Just picture what success looks like to you. Remind yourself what you're working towards and know that nothing can stop you. 

16. Every Time We Touch (Hardwell and Maurice West Remix) - Cascada, Hardwell and Maurice West

Possibly the best cardio or workout class song of all time. 

17. Ain’t Nobody (Mousse T’s Ain’t No Good Man Remix) - Seductive Souls, Onita Boone and Mousse T

This baseline will get you fired up. We all know the words. Sing along to the chorus and burn some extra calories through the extra exertion. 

18. Right Now - Rihanna and David Guetta

This is a blast from the past, we know but when that chorus hits, this is a great track to pump you up for that extra effort. Tomorrow is too far away, who knows what is going to happen and all we have is right now, so we have to make the best of it.

19. Push Pull - OFFAIAH

Whether it is Push Day or Pull Day, this song has you covered. 

20. Business (220 Kid Remix) - Tiesto 

Turn Up and get the work done. This remix also mixes it up a bit from the radio version to give it a new lease of life for your playlist.

If you've liked the list and haven't already, be sure to checkout Volume 1.


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