Low Calorie

Black Rice Tuna Casserole

No time? Low Budget? Is this the meal for you! It works out to be around $4 per serve, with 31.7gms of protein per serve. We know a lot of Recipes say they take 20 minutes to make but in reality they take 40. We promise you, this one really will take only 20 minutes from start to finish. We know what you're thinking, Tuna and Rice sounds kinda boring but this Recipe is far from it, with plenty of flavour and colours that are guaranteed to make the gang in the lunchroom ask, "What's that?!" 
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Lean Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is usually creamy, high in fat and saved for cheat meals. We were determined to find a lean version of this crowd pleasing recipe that is low in Fat and will help keep you lean. This recipe really does spice up the old faithful Chicken and Rice combo and is a perfect meal prep recipe that will turn heads in the Office kitchen with its delicious aroma. It has plenty of Carbs and a massive 51gms of Protein to keep you fuelled throughout the day. 
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Low Calorie Turkey Tikka Masala

When we think of Indian food, a creamy texture accompanied by a high fat content often comes to mind. Well, not this full flavour lean and mean Turkey alternative! It is super easy to make and only 459 calories per serve.
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Get Shredded Chicken San Choy Bau

Trying to lose a few sneaky kgs? Try our really simple twist on a Chinese favourite. It is super low calorie and still has plenty of carbs to help you feel satisfied. Get shredded while keeping your nutrition interesting! 

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High Protein Pork Fillet Burger

Satisfy those cravings with a healthy twist on a weekend favourite. Pork is a great option to help keep the burger lean and mix up the usual beef/chicken high protein diet. Thins are also a great way of fitting a Burger into your macro goals. Low sugar and sodium tomato sauce is also a must to avoid those hidden calories. 

Calories: 384 Protein: 39.8g Carbohydrates: 24.3g Fats: 12.1g

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