The Boxing Workout For Beginners That Will Knock You Into Shape

So, you’ve never boxed before, but keen to give it a go, plus you have no idea what to do. No problem at all, this is how everyone takes their first steps in boxing. 

Everyone was a beginner once. It just takes that first step.

Boxing is well known in fitness circles for how incredibly tough it can be, as it requires almost all of your muscle groups and a high level of cardio fitness. Boxing involves speed, agility, finesse, power, endurance and above all mental toughness. It’s also one of the more fun workouts you can do, gets your heart rate and sweat up quickly, will improve your cardiovascular fitness and general health and will be challenging to both your body and mind. Including boxing in your regular fitness regime can really help to keep you motivated and add variety into your workouts.  

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There are a few options to get started. Firstly, you could attend a boxing class at your local gym. This may seem like a great option and it might be good to give you a taste of what boxing is, however in my experience it includes a lot of non- boxing components such as running, burpees and sit-ups. Your trainer will yell at you to go faster and harder, without critiquing your technique, and it may ultimately result with you getting injured.  

Second option is to see a private boxing trainer at a boxing-specific gym. This should allow you to learn proper technique such as how to punch, how to position your body and footwork. However, this can get very costly and with time constraints in a busy world can be hard to schedule in. 

Last option is to get a boxing bag, or a link up with a friend to hold the pads and teach yourself. This is how my boxing fitness career started. My husband would hold the pads and we would run through various boxing combinations for 3-minute rounds and then switch.

Practice and critique is key and I cannot reinforce enough how important it is. You would think in a relatively controlled environment (not a boxing fight), keeping good form would be easy, however boxing is a complex sport filled with technical skills, speed, agility and power using your entire body (no, not just your arms). 

The 12-week Boxing program is designed to be completed with your buddy or on a bag at home. It consists of boxing combinations that get harder and harder each round, so you can build on your skill and technique. This means whilst you get a great physical workout, you also have an opportunity to learn and reflect on your performance. 

There are no “filler” exercises in our programs, just boxing combinations finished with an abs circuit.

However, we have a supplementary program which involves a circuit twice a week filled with exercises that will help to complement your boxing. These include full instructions and boxing-specific movements. We have a step-by-step guide on learning the correct stance, punching technique, and most importantly safety considerations. We include everything you need to know in order to get started including:

  • Safety advice;
  • Step by step guidelines on how to wrap your hands;
  • Punching techniques and the different types;
  • Foot work and breathing techniques;
  • How to hold the pads;
  • 12-week Boxing combinations workout and;
  • 12-week circuit program to compliment your Boxing training.


Patricia Molly Brocksopp: Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Qualified Punch Fit Coach

If you would like a free copy of the 12 week Boxing Buddies Bundle (circuit + combinations+ how to guide) email Molly at and mention Turner Fitness. You can also check out their Instagram @BoxingBuddies for more #fitspo.

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