Alcohol and Fitness Goals: Can I drink alcohol and still lose fat?

This is a multifaceted question but on the most basic level, yes, you can!


We already know in order to lose fat we must be in a calorie deficit and alcohol can definitely be a part of this deficit. If we choose low calorie options such as vodka sodas, gin and tonics or prosecco, we might only be ingesting 80-120 calories per drink. One or two drinks once a week can easily fit into your allowed calorie intake.


Often when we drink we lose our inhibitions, so a plan to only have one or two drinks can quickly spiral into having many drinks. We are also more likely to eat; perhaps you grab something before you go home, whether it’s that night or when you’re hungover the next morning. This extra food (usually highly palatable and high in calories) will likely take us out of the deficit we have been maintaining throughout the week.

A drink or two every few weeks is fine and might even replace a snack we would have otherwise had that day. However, drinking more consistently while in a deficit can likely take the place of other nutrients in our diet. If we decide to skip a portion of dinner so that we have the calorie allowance to have two drinks that night, we are potentially replacing calories full of vitamins, minerals and protein, with calories devoid of anything beneficial. 

So while a few drinks here and there can work during a fat loss phase to ensure we aren’t overly restricting ourselves, drinking more than that could be counterproductive for your health and goals.


Ebony Thomas: Qualified Nutritionist (BHealthSc)

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